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Don’t Forget! Only two weeks left for Bracknell businesses vote to become Business Improvement District

Businesses in the Southern and Western areas of Bracknell are currently amidst a ballot period to determine whether the industrial estate will become a Business Improvement District (BID). Following a lengthy period of consultation with... Read more

Bracknell businesses set for growth and investment

Bracknell stands ‘be recognised as the place where businesses develop and grow through collaboration and investment’ with a possible £3.3 million worth of investment over the next five years. The investment will be generated through... Read more

Bracknell businesses to gain from changes to infrastructure

Businesses in the Southern and Western areas of Bracknell stand to gain from the £3.4 million worth of investment over the next five years in ‘being recognised as the place where businesses develop and grow through collaboration and... Read more

Bracknell BID Launch event success

The Bracknell Investment Group (BIG) launched its BID Proposal and Business Plan to businesses from across the Southern and Western areas last week.  Maria Sabey, Head of Property at Fujitsu and Chair of the Bracknell BID steering group said,... Read more

Update - Launch Event on 17th September

Thank you to those who have registered for our launch Event.  Initially the BID Team were planning to host two Events.  However, the flexible Lunch Time Drop in Event has proved much more popular so the BID Team are going to focus more... Read more

Bracknell Investment Group’s BID Proposal to be launched

Following two years of consultation the Bracknell Investment Group, made up or representatives of businesses from across the Bracknell Southern and Western Areas have finalised their Business Improvement District (BID) Proposal.  The... Read more

BID Launch Events - Join Us! 17th September 2019

The Launch Event is the opportunity to look at the specific details of the Business Plan for your BID.  The Business Plan is based on the contributions and feedback from the businesses within the BID area - this is your BID!There is a launch... Read more

Key Event - Presentation of Business Plan - 17th September 2019

Thank you to the many businesses contributing to the story so far.  The BID Team would now like to present the Business Plan to the wider business community in the lead up to Ballot in October 2019.  To encourage maximum support, the BID... Read more

The BID Levy - 1.5%

During the Steering Committee Meeting on 30th July and following input from the wider business community during the Event on 20th June, the Committee formally agreed the BID Levy at 1.5% of rateable value.  Businesses paying less than... Read more

Key Event - Business Engagement - 20th June 2019

The BID Team now need further input from the businesses - Surveys and Discussions have enabled the BID to pull together more structured activities which will form the basis of the Business Plans.  This Event is your opportunity to review the... Read more

Meet The BID Steering Committee - Tuesday 28 May 12pm

Join the BID Steering Committee from 12.00 - 13.00 hours to meet the Team an hear an update from the Police around crime statistics in the area.  The Event will be held at Fujitsu's offices, Lovelace Road on the Southern Industrial... Read more

Hold the Date - 20th June 2019

Businesses from within the area will be invited to an event to be held in the Fujitsu offices as an after work drop in session - the BID will share the combined Survey and other input feedback and outline a proposed plan to start to address the... Read more

Event - Safety and Security Workshop - 20th March 2019

We are hosting a workshop for representatives from Bracknell’s Southern and Western Business Areas to discuss solutions to Safety and Security issues. The workshop will provide valuable input to the development of improvement schemes under the... Read more

Event - Transportation and Parking Workshop - 5th & 7th March 2019

We are hosting two workshops for company representatives from Bracknell’s Western and Southern Business Areas to discuss solutions to local transportation and parking issues. The workshop will provide valuable input to the development of... Read more

Event - Broadband Workshop - 27th February 2019

We are hosting a workshop to cover a series of short presentations on the proposed Bracknell Business Improvement District (BID), Cityfibre broadband provision by BtL and House of Fisher Serviced Apartments for the business community. This... Read more

Call to Action – BID Workshops

From the feedback received to date, there are a number of key areas of importance and the BID Steering Committee would like to hear more about the views of local business and start to discuss solutions.We will be hosting a series of workshops to... Read more

Appointment of BID Champions

The BID Team are pleased to welcome BID Champions to the group.  Waitrose, Bracknell Forest Council, Page Hardy Harris have put forward members of their wider Teams to act as BID Champions.  Following a briefing session, our BID... Read more

Thank you to BID supporters

Thank you to the Property Forum and the Team at the Lightbox building for offering the BID an Agenda slot – thank you also to Bob Collis who attended to update Guests around the BID activities. Read more

Ways to get involved

Over the coming months there will be invitations to workshops, discussion groups and networking sessions for businesses across the Southern and Western Commercial Areas to work towards a final business plan which will go to a vote towards the end... Read more

A collective voice and a budget to take action!

Findings from the Feasibility Study conducted by the Bracknell Investment Group found that having a collective voice and a single point of contact to go to when businesses have problems with the area came out as the top two initiatives which would... Read more

Is Bracknell good for business?

Recent work undertaken by the business initiative, the Bracknell Investment Group found that business opinion across the Western and Southern commercial areas is split when it comes to whether Bracknell is good for business or not.When businesses... Read more

Thank you to Regus

Thank you to the Team at Regus who have kindly offered to host some of the 2019 workshops on behalf of the BID Team. Regus are happy to share their outstanding facilities and allow us to use their space. Further details of dates and times to... Read more

Businesses launch development!

Businesses from across Bracknell gathered last month at the Fujitsu offices on Lovelace Rd to hear the results of the Feasibility Study initiated by the Bracknell Investment Group and discuss opportunities for businesses in the area to develop a... Read more

September Briefing Event

The BID Team were delighted to welcome many businesses to a Briefing Event which was held early evening to enable as many business representatives as possible to drop in and join us.  The BID Team offered feedback of progress to date and gave... Read more

Bracknell is Changing

Bracknell is changing rapidly with the opening of the Lexicon which has impacted upon all those who live and work in the area. However it also brings challenges for businesses who are already struggling to find the right people to fill their... Read more

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