A collective voice and a budget to take action!

Findings from the Feasibility Study conducted by the Bracknell Investment Group found that having a collective voice and a single point of contact to go to when businesses have problems with the area came out as the top two initiatives which would benefit businesses the most on the Western and Southern commercial areas.

80% of businesses said ‘Having a single point of contact for issues and to provide support’ was the most important initiative to help their operation. The second most important initiative was to ‘provide a strong collective voice to influence key strategic issues’. 

Nick Hardy of Commercial Property Company, Page Hardy Harris and a member of the Bracknell Investment Group said, ‘When we were assessing the views of the business community, generally there was a distinct desire among businesses that they wish to be supported on issues which impact upon their operation in the area. We believe that a Business Improvement District would enable all businesses, both large and small to come together and make a real difference to issues which affect us on a day to day basis.’ 

The key issues which have emerged to date from the survey work, relate to roads and congestion. The fact that the area is divided by a dual carriageway and a main railway with only one point on one edge of the area which links the two parts, makes it more difficult to create a sense of business community across the area. However, businesses feel that there is a need to come together as a collective voice to potentially influence some of these strategic issues.

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