Bracknell businesses set for growth and investment

Bracknell stands ‘be recognised as the place where businesses develop and grow through collaboration and investment’ with a possible £3.3 million worth of investment over the next five years.


The investment will be generated through the Business Improvement District or BID plan which businesses have been working on over the last eighteen months and is going to ballot this month.


Businesses have highlighted the support they require to enable Bracknell to grow, develop and attract investment by creating a great working environment to operate effectively and attract and retain the best people.


One of the initiatives included in the plan is to develop a sense of identity for Bracknell’s Western and Southern business areas by working with partners, landlords and occupiers towards creating a coherent identity which is visible and reflects the high standards and values of the businesses in the BID area.


The plan also outlines proposals for developing the facilities and amenities in the area alongside the installation and maintenance of CCTV and ANPR technology to create a safer environment and allow information to be shared across the area to prevent crime.


Nick Hardy, Director at Page Hardy Harris Ltd and member of the Bracknell BID steering group said, “Although Bracknell continues to be a popular business location with its strategic position, allowing rapid access to both the M4 and M3 corridors, there are areas where we can improve.  A successful ‘Yes Vote’ in the coming BID ballot would be a big step towards our goal of becoming the best location for businesses in the Thames Valley.  We can achieve so much more if we all work together.”


If you are a business and would like more information about the BID please email



Notes to Editor

Bracknell BID will go to ballot in October 2019, the result will determine whether the area will become a Business Improvement District in April 2020.

BIDs are an investment in the local trading environment through the provision of added value services

BIDs are funded by local businesses through a regulated levy; therefore all beneficiaries pay.

They see improvements to business profitability and turnover which would not have happened without a BID.

Businesses identify the area and the issues and put together a proposal which should include delivery guarantees, performance indicators and management structure.

The plan voted for has a lifespan of 5 years and further proposals will have to be reaffirmed through a further vote.

There are now over 300 BID’s across the country.

There are two criteria which have to be achieved for the vote to be successful: more than 50% of the number of businesses who vote have to say yes and more than 50% of the rateable value of the businesses who vote have to say yes. 

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