Bracknell is Changing

Bracknell is changing rapidly with the opening of the Lexicon which has impacted upon all those who live and work in the area. However it also brings challenges for businesses who are already struggling to find the right people to fill their vacancies and challenges with increased traffic congestion with shoppers being attracted from not just the local catchment but from further away.

A group of businesses from the Southern and Western Business areas came together last year to represent the interests of businesses who are already here and to ensure that Bracknell remains a great business location. The Bracknell Investment Group (BIG), undertook some initial work last year surveying businesses across the area to identify their key challenges.

Maria Sabey, Head of Property at Fujitsu Bracknell, who chairs the group said, ‘the group is looking at turning the Southern and Western areas into a Business Improvement District or BID. There are now more than 300 of these around the UK enabling businesses to influence key projects and deliver important projects which improve their ability to operate profitably in a given area.

‘It is important to ensure that the key factors which attracted businesses to Bracknell in the first place are not only protected but improved to ensure that Bracknell remains an ideal location for global brands and some of the most cutting edge businesses in their sectors’. Maria concluded, ‘ A Business Improvement District offers all a great opportunity to come together as a collective voice with our own budget to support our businesses and change the perceptions of this area.’ 

The Bracknell Investment Group is encouraging all businesses in the Southern and Western Business Areas to share their views about their challenges and the opportunities which exist here. 

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