Is Bracknell good for business?

Recent work undertaken by the business initiative, the Bracknell Investment Group found that business opinion across the Western and Southern commercial areas is split when it comes to whether Bracknell is good for business or not.

When businesses were asked about how they thought Bracknell was performing as a place to do business, the largest proportion of answers (38%) said that the area had stayed the same, 25% said that it had declined and a third (33%) said that it had become a better place to do business. 

The survey work also found that 61% of businesses anticipate growth over the next five years with 56% of the businesses saying that this will translate into more jobs in the area. When it came to assessing the ability to recruit and retain skilled people however, more than half of the businesses interviewed said that there were challenges getting the right people. 

Lynda Perry, Head of Occupier Services at McKay Securities plc said ‘for those that do not know Bracknell, it can be perceived as a blot on the landscape, however as a Bracknell Forest resident, I know it has so much to offer; career opportunities with a high number of blue chip/ international organisations with Head Office functions, good amenities, countryside parks, a good network of cycle paths and other leisure facilities.’ 

With such a low unemployment rate, it can be difficult to recruit for certain positions. This would be made easier if we were able to change perceptions about the area and what it has to offer. A BID could certainly help us do this.’ Concluded Lynda.

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