Ways to get involved

Over the coming months there will be invitations to workshops, discussion groups and networking sessions for businesses across the Southern and Western Commercial Areas to work towards a final business plan which will go to a vote towards the end of next year. 

This Business Improvement District (BID) initiative is being led by the business group, Bracknell Investment Group. Jonathan Scholefield, Global Offshore Manager at Caterpillar and member of the group, said, ‘There will be a range of opportunities for businesses of all sizes from all sectors to play a key role in shaping the business plan for the area by identifying and developing initiatives which will benefit their businesses.’ 

To ensure that the range of projects are the right ones for business and ones which will provide tangible benefit, surveys have been distributed to all businesses across the Southern and Western Business Areas. The response so far, as part of the Feasibility Study, has already revealed some key issues of concern from businesses across the area.

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