Vision and Objectives

Our vision is for: The Bracknell BID area to be recognised as the place where businesses develop and grow through collaboration and investment.


Provide a great infrastructure and a smart working environment for businesses to operate and for people and services to communicate, access and move around, safely and effectively.

A budget ranging from £320,000 in year 1 to £334,000 in year 5 with a total expenditure of approximately £1.6 million over the five-year period.

  • 51% of businesses said that ‘road access, infrastructure and congestion’ were either poor or very poor.
  • 62% of businesses said that improving traffic flow into and around the area would benefit their business.
  • 67% of businesses said that pedestrian signage was not good and 61% of businesses said that road signage was not good.

If we vote ‘YES’ we could:

  • Identify, influence and work collaboratively with local authorities to provide short and longer term solutions to ease congestion and improve traffic management onto, off and around the business districts including modifications to junction layouts and priorities, additional access roads and travel options.
  • Increase the availability of cost-effective travel options for all and work with others to develop innovative and attractive solutions for public and shared transport on, off and around the business districts.
  • Work with others to manage and improve parking across the business districts to maintain and improve traffic flow and access to businesses and provide or facilitate alternative safe and secure parking for all vehicles.
  • Improve navigation around the business districts for all road users, cyclists and pedestrians through information, signage and other innovative methods.
  • Working with partners to maintain and improve, where necessary, the general condition and appearance of roads, footpaths, cycle ways and verges throughout the business districts at all times of the year including the additional gritting of roads where needed.
  • Improve lighting where possible on roads and footpaths generally and in particular at vulnerable junctions and places of more frequent pedestrian activity to ensure safety of all road and footpath users.
  • Work with others to ensure broadband, digital communication and the IT infrastructure meets the needs of businesses across the business districts.

Business growth and investment

Support businesses in Bracknell to grow, develop and invest by creating a great working environment to operate effectively and attract and retain the best people.

A budget ranging from £205,000 in year 1 to £214,000 in year 5 with a total expenditure of approximately £1 million over the five-year period.

  • 66% of businesses said that a ‘single point of contact for the area for issues and support’ would benefit their business.
  • 63% of businesses said that ‘raising the profile of the area as the best place for the best businesses’ would benefit their business.
  • 56% of businesses said that having a ‘strong collective voice to influence key strategic issues’ would benefit their business.

If we vote ‘YES’ we could:

Develop a sense of identity for Bracknell’s Western and Southern business districts:

  • Work with partners, landlords and occupiers towards creating a coherent identity for the districts, which is visible in the area and reflects the high standards and values of the businesses which operate in the BID area.

Facilities and benefits:

  • Encourage the development of more facilities and amenities in pleasant surroundings where people who work across the districts can eat, meet or relax away from their place of work.
  • Develop schemes, benefits and events for those who work in businesses in Bracknell business districts which promote the feeling of a community, a sense of well-being and encourages staff retention and productivity.

Maintain a safe and secure working environment:

  • Work with partners to create coverage, monitoring and maintenance of a CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) infrastructure which operates across Bracknell’s business districts to provide a deterrent to crime, a strong evidence‑based record and an effective crime‑solving tool.
  • Maintain and develop schemes which share and provide information and intelligence between partners and business security teams involved in the prevention of crime, and the creation of a safe environment for all who work and use Bracknell’s business districts.

Business trading:

  • Working with businesses in the BID area across all sectors to encourage inter‑trading and the development of working relationships to achieve tangible improvements in business performance and drive business development.
  • Encourage and support relationships between businesses and organisations which seek to improve training, develop skills and assist with staff recruitment.

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